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Adventure's recipe? One part the joy of discovery, one part the rediscovery of joy.

It’s a widening and lengthening and deepening of your comfort zone, a renewed sense of perspective, and what better place to get that sense of perspective than far, far away?

The rewards of a travelling adventure are rich: better stories, seasoned tastes, a wealthier, healthier you. Sunways send adventurers to far, far off places as they unearth the magic of travel, discovering new people, landscapes and cultures – but we’re always close by.

Our network of local guides and knowledge ensures that this is adventure with luxury, and without risk. Here are four destinations we’ve chosen from the many we can offer, read on adventurer.

Baraza Resort & Spa

A shimmering island, perched off the coast of Tanzania

Zanzibar... a word best spoken as a whisper. People have lived on Zanzibar for over 20,000 years. Persian traders used this shimmering island, perched off the coast of Tanzania as a base for voyages between the Middle East, India, and Africa. Before modern day independence, it has enjoyed Arab and British rule too. The result? A melting pot of cultures and influences just waiting to be explored. As well as staggering natural beauty, the Island offers luxury accommodation that’s also staggering. Overlooking the brilliant white Bwejuu Paje beach, the five star all-inclusive Baraza Resort & Spa was voted one of the 60 best new hotels in the world by Conde Nast Traveler. Just think, at your next dinner party you could begin with the story ‘that reminds me of the time I was in Zanzibar.’

A melting pot of cultures and influences just waiting to be explored.

Shutters on the Beach

A sanctuary of peaceful waters

The Pacific Ocean earned its name from 16th Century travellers who, after braving the perilous tip of South America, reached a sanctuary of peaceful waters. The story describes perfectly your adventure to one of the most amazing places on the planet. Eye-popping deserts, beaches, mountains, national parks, forests, waterfalls, lakes and islands – it’s as if nature has been given a set of paints and created California in its own, beautiful image. Shutters on the Beach is every bit as pleasing on the eye - a stunning beachfront property, bedecked in the understated elegance of the Pacific. Dive into Shutters and a Californian adventure, and you may never want to leave.

It’s as if nature has been given a set of paints and created California in its own, beautiful image.

Vancouver & The Rockies
Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

A year-round luxury mountain hideaway

When we say put your adventure on ice, we don’t mean put it on hold. Vancouver and the Rockies are one of the best reasons we can think of to become an adventurer. This is a place where mountain peaks soar into the flawless, rich blue skies and emerald lakes glisten in the piercing sunlight. Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise is its own peak, a year-round luxury mountain hideaway offering one of the best snow adventures anywhere in North America. On land there’s world class skiing, snowboarding and mountain biking; on water enjoy river rafting, fishing and more. After you’ve embraced (and fatigued) your inner adventurer, the Resort’s natural spa ensures mind and body is rested, rejuvenated and ready to take on the elements once again.

A place where mountain peaks soar into the flawless, rich blue skies.

Cape Town
Cape Town and Winelands
Cape Grace

The the glittering jewel in the South African crown

Over the last decade or so, South Africa has truly established itself as a global luxury destination, and the glittering jewel in its crown? Cosmopolitan Cape Town. Cape Town is an astonishingly beautiful city, the sparkling Atlantic laps crescent-shaped strips of pristine white sand peered down upon by imposing, dramatic craggy mountains. Fresh streams trickle down those hill sides into verdant, sun dappled forests. The waterfront Cape Grace melds into the landscape combining world-class comfort with traditional Cape culture. It’s the perfect base to explore the region’s Winelands which offers global-standard vineyards, cellars and wines. Why not really embrace your adventurous streak and take to horseback, the best way to enjoy South African wine country.

World-class comfort with traditional Cape culture.

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