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When was the last time you really had fun? Childish, innocent, stupid joy? A smile
on your face that hurt? A skip in your heart? A lightness in your soul? Longer than it should have been we’re guessing.

There are many different types of fun but the best, the very best? Hands down, no question, it’s holiday fun.

We’re talking once-in-a-lifetime, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants, scream-if-you-wanna-go-faster type fun. We’re talking the type of fun that leaves a sated, contented smile on your face last thing at night and wakes you up with an excited grin first thing in the morning.

If you want to tap into your inner child, let off some adult steam, party like it's 2099 or just make unforgettable memories, walk (or run) this way for a quick peak at a quartet of the many, many utterly fun-filled destinations Sunways offer.

Orlando/Disney's Port Orleans Resort
French Quarter

A spine tingling promise of magic

There can’t be anyone who hasn’t dreamed, or doesn’t dream, of a visit to Disney World. The very name carries with it a spine tingling promise of magic, mystery and a little good-natured mayhem. The best way to witness the majesty of Disney World is from the sanctuary and sanity of your own Resort Hotel. The Port Orleans Resort transports you to the romance of New Orleans’ historic French Quarter, where the click-clack of cobbled streets play soundtrack to the sights and shadows of the Cajun and Creole. You can jump into the gargantuan ‘swimming hole’, the lushly wooded pool at Ol’ Man Island; sample Southern specialities at the Riverside Mill Food Court or wine, dine and shop at the Resort’s Sassagoula Steamboat Company.

The Port Orleans Resort transports you to the romance of New Orleans' historic French Quarter.

Las Vegas
Las Vegas
The Bellagio

Vegas at its opulent best

There’s fun, then there’s Las Vegas fun. This is a city built on fun and luxury, excitement and entertainment, and just the very best of times. A city where adults can play. The world’s best singers, musicians, acrobats and dancers make a beeline for the Nevada desert, as they bid to add their talent, skill and artistry to the list of Vegas greats. At the heart of Vegas is Bellagio, an AAA 5-star and award-winning hotel replete with the Ocean’s Eleven fountain, Cirque du Soleil, the best golf in Vegas and the best designer stores. Style and service, comfort and class – this is Vegas at its opulent best. Oh, nearly forgot, there’s fun for kids of all heights too – thrill rides, roller coasters, exhibitions and museums, a chocolate factory and even the pinball hall of fame!

A city where adults can play, there’s fun for kids of all heights too!

Ushaia Beach Hotel

Boredom is Banned

The party capital of Europe, Ibiza is a pilgrimage for those looking to paint vibrant, vivacious, brilliant, unforgettable memories in their own personal album. Every year, the world’s best DJs descend on this glittering Balearic jewel, their live performances creating beach and pool parties that are uniquely theatrical, glamourous and exciting. The Ushuaïa Beach Hotel offers the ultimate luxury VIP service where you can watch the party unravel from the comfort of your room, mix things up in your own mini music studio, jive with go-go dancers or dive into the exclusive river-style pool. You’ll be bang in the heart of Ibiza’s party scene where Boredom is Banned.

Ultimate luxury VIP service where you can watch the party unravel from the comfort of you room

Royal Caribbean Cruise
Royal Caribbean Cruise
The Anthem of the Seas

The world is waiting

Set sail to a host of stunning destinations across the Caribbean on The Anthem of the Seas, a ship that caters for every whim ever thought, and many more of which you’ve never dreamed. A Royal Caribbean Cruise offers two wonderfully contrasting holidays, each packed to the rafters and full of fun. On-ship you’ll enjoy state-of-the-art technology, world-class dining and spectacular entertainment - there’s even sky diving, rock climbing and onboard surfing. Off-ship, divers, snorkellers and sunbathers can relax amid the region’s staggering natural beauty and Caribbean culture’s wonderful bounty. If you only embark on one cruise in your lifetime, this is the one you should choose. So much to see and do: as the Anthem of the Seas puts it, 'the world is waiting'.

State-of-the-art technology, world-class dining and spectacular entertainment.

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