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If, like many of us, your most valuable and scantest resource is time, a short break is the
perfect way to cram the excitement, relaxation and fun of a longer holiday into a few days.

A short break means you can temporarily put your life on hold. It’s a chance to reconnect with family and friends, dip your toe in the waters of a different culture or just get fed and watered somewhere new.

Whether you’re looking for a burst of sunshine or culture, privacy or people, Sunways can source and deliver a superior experience. We offer short breaks around Europe and even further afield and because we’ve got up-to-the-minute, on-the-ground information on all our destinations, we’ll ensure not a moment is wasted.

One & Only Royal Mirage

Dubai has to be seen to be believed

Dubai has to be seen to be believed. Glass, aluminum and steel mega scrapers rocket from the ground into the vastest of desert skies. Dubai is a glittering, sparkling monument to man’s endeavours, imagination…and luxury - you could stay at the opulent One & Only Royal Mirage, set in 65 acres of lush gardens and offering a kilometre of private, unspoilt beach. Dubai is a metropolis which can look New York, London et al squarely in the eye, it is home to 11 of the world’s top 50 highest buildings, the tallest being the Burj Khalifa, and 12 million square feet of malls. If you’re looking for history and culture, experience Dubai’s souks (markets) which offer almost everything your heart desires - dive in, but remember to haggle. There are Al Fahidi’s narrow lanes as well as the opportunity (if you are a non-Muslim) to visit one of the floodlit mosques. Looking for more adventure? Try the dune surfing, camel riding and 4WD Safari Tours on offer. Oh, and did we mention the staggering coastline?

A glittering, sparkling monument to man's endeavours, imagination.

Pucic Palace

Soaked in a sense of historic intrigue and culture

Over the last decade, Croatia has emerged from the shadows of Italy, its well-trodden cousin. Meanwhile, Dubrovnik has become the country’s leading destination (thanks in no small part to the monumental city’s part in Games of Thrones). Encased in thick stones walls on a beautiful peninsula, Dubrovnik (another UNESCO World Heritage Site) is soaked in a sense of historic intrigue and culture – it is among the world’s most well preserved medieval walled cities. That’s not to say there isn’t time for a little style too. The Pucic Palace is the perfect place to stay - a luxury boutique hotel set in a 17th century Baroque building and located at the heart of the city’s world class concert halls, art galleries and museums. And if you’re looking for a short burst of sun, sea and sand, Dubrovnik’s idyllic Banje beach is amongst our top five in Europe.

Encased in thick stones walls on a beautiful peninsula.

Hotel Borg

An elegant Inter-planetary paradise

Black sand beaches in view of volcanoes and waterfalls; steaming, milky blue thermal lakes awash with invigorating minerals; seemingly endless translucent glaciers, Iceland is as close to inter-planetary travel as most of us will ever get. This island, three hours north of the UK, is perfect for those looking for a natural retreat – a haven of spas, steam rooms, saunas and sunsets. The man-made contribution to this immersive short break is Iceland’s unmistakably cool, dignified and elegant architecture and design. A superb example is the Hotel Borg which, in their words, ‘combines old time elegance with modern style in the centre of Reykjavik’. The island’s food takes the best in Nordic cuisine’s cutting edge technique and combines it with an unshakable commitment to tradition and quality. Add the Northern Lights and Iceland is an unforgettable destination for those looking to broaden, and illuminate, their horizons.

Iceland is as close to inter-planetary travel as most of us will ever get.

New York
New York
The Archer Hotel

Set foot in the Big Apple

There are many, many fine cities in the world: cities that have style, poise, excitement and personality but there is one they all aspire to be. There is only one New York. Set foot in the Big Apple and within an instant you can’t avoid becoming a slave to its unique rhythms. The bars and restaurants, museums and hotels are peerless while New Yorkers' attention to detail and pride in service will leave you asking why you’ve not visited before (and when you can return). Take the Archer Hotel just off Fifth Avenue and almost within touching distance of the Empire State Building. It’s 22 storeys of sanctuary amongst the mayhem, industrial-chic meets curated luxury. It’s no exaggeration to say that a Sunways NYC short break could be the most exciting couple of days of your life. It’s a short break that will last a lifetime.

New York, a city of style, poise, excitement and personality.

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